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I inherited the love of reading and writing from my mom and a passion for traveling from my dad. I came from a family of readers, but I always loved telling and writing stories as much as reading them. I also love watching people and imagining fantastic back stories for them.

My father’s job taking us from Maadi, Egypt, to New Port Richey, Florida, and quite a few cities in between, I caught the travel bug, and spent time in Rennes and Paris, France, as an adult. I love speaking French and watching French movies. Quiche remains one of the few dishes I cook well.

I received my bachelor and master of arts degrees in English literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder and my master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. I also have a bachelor of arts degree in international affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I worked in book publishing as an acquisitions editor for several years, most recently at an association, where I developed books about business, medicine, and pets. I have also been a freelance writer and editor for several years.  My personal essays are published in a variety of print and digital publications, including Role Reboot and The Manifest-Station. My short story “Missed Connection” won a Stories on Stage contest and was performed live, and my short story “Unexpected Gifts” was recently published by the Sand Hill Review. In 2007 my book Generation What? Dispatches from the Quarter-life Crisis was published by Speck Press. I was the editor and a contributing writer. I live in Denver, Colorado, with my family.

I offer the following services to individuals and businesses: